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She Possesses a Sweet but Powerful Voice and She Just May Be the Manifestation of the Feminine Spirit. Her Music Has Been Used in Gyms, Meditation Situations, as Motivation, etc. Cecilia's 1994 New Age Selection Includes a Stunning Version of the Gospel Standard "Amazing Grace", plus Norwegian Composer Edvard Greig's "Solveig's Song, First Verse" (Sung in Its Original Language) and Nine More.

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Cecilia touched my heart & soul as no other artist can, November 28, 1999
Steve Callaway from Phelps , New York
Her voice is so deep reaching that I trembled and shed tears . I too was introduced to Cecilia's version of Amazing Grace at a Dr. Dyer seminar Oct. 30 , 1999 in Orlando . I was in a room with 1,000 other Martial Arts students and was one of many deeply moved by Cecilia's divine voice. The Whales soulful singing leaves no doubt that we are all connected . I am grateful to Dr. Dyer and Cecilia for touching my heart. I would highly recommend this CD to any person who is interested in expanding their self awareness and improved understanding of our existence and purpose for being . Enjoy!



Cecilia - Amazing Grace, September 19, 2001
A music fan from Port St. Lucie, FL USA
I heard Cecilia's version of Amazing Grace after the World Trade Center tragedy. Our local radio station DJ played it on air and since that time it has been requested regularly during the day.
It is the most moving rendition of Amazing Grace I have ever heard. I have purchased several copies of her CD just to give to friends and family. I do not normally recommend music but this is a must have album for anyone.