Every once in a while a beautiful voice comes along. Such a voice belongs to Cecilia, who is renowned for her crystal clear voice. She has released 7 albums, 2 by Universal Music, been singing worldwide, and sold several hundred thousand albums.

Cecilia started her career in 1994 singing for 5,000 people in Sydney, Australia. Her first album "Voice of the Feminine Spirit" went gold there, selling more than 50,000 copies. On her first Australian tour she was singing for 30,000 people in the 5 biggest cities. The album sold 200,000 copies with almost no marketing. It includes her famous rendition of "Amazing Grace".

The world renowned spiritual author Stuart Wilde was the first one to recognize the special quality of Cecilia's voice when he heard her sing "Amazing Grace" at one of his seminars. He offered to help her, and made it possible to record "Voice of the Feminine Spirit" and to go on tour with himself and several other spiritual authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Deepak Chopra. On Cecilia's two first albums, Stuart Wilde was also the lyricist and the executive producer.

Cecilia grew up in Harstad, a small town north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. She has had an interest for music all her life. As a 9-year-old she saw the opera "Aida" on TV, and wanted to become an opera singer. Cecilia has 6 years of classical training from conservatories in Norway, Denmark and Germany. Received 1.0 as final marks at the Conservatory of Music in Oslo, Norway, which was looked at as impossible to get. Cecilia’s unique voice reaches 3 octaves, singing everything from pop to classical, and her genera is classical crossover. Instead of continuing the classical way Cecilia started to practice with a singing teacher in New York, Oren Brown, who was renowned for finding a singer’s natural voice.

The music on Cecilia's second album "Voice of Violet 19", released in most continents in 1997, was a collaboration between producer and composer David Lord and lyricist Stuart Wilde. David Lord is best known for his work with Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, and Jean Michel Jarre among others.

Based on these two albums, this very talented Nordic singer found the interest of PolyGram’s staff in Norway. Cecilia signed a recording deal with PolyGram/Universal Music Norway in 1997. Universal Music released her third album "Inner Harmony" in 1999 (Mercury).

Cecilia did promotion in Japan, and toured countries as England, Germany, Sweden, Finland and the USA, including Hawaii. She performed at the Universal Wisdom Foundation event with Al Di Meola at Miami arena in 1998, singing for 6,000 people, who gave an incredible response to her crystal clear and beautiful voice. Another big event was singing at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

During the summer of 1999 Cecilia moved to Los Angeles. She signed an agreement with Northern Light Music to develop her music. While working on her music, Cecilia gave concerts in the USA. Cecilia opened the new millennium by singing at the Deepak Chopra Millennium event, where his Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a speech.

In 2001 Northern Light Music released her Christmas album "Let There Be Peace On Earth", and in February 2002 came a new single "My Beloved", which was co-written by Cecilia.

Children and animals are close to Cecilia's heart, and she is happy to be able to help non-profit organizations in their work. She supports Plan International, and sponsors a child in Nepal. Cecilia lost her mother to cancer, and she wants to support the work to battle the disease. Cecilia was singing at the biggest ballroom in the US, Roseland in New York, for the benefit of the Linda McCartney cancer foundation.

Cecilia sang at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City; including a concert for Nu Skin at the World of Ice, performed on the Norwegian National TV (NRK), for the King of Norway, and also for the Crown prince and princess. NRK made a music video of "My Beloved" at the top of the Olympic mountains.

In April 2002 Cecilia moved from Los Angeles to New York, and continued to work on her style and new songs with Art Labriola, who was asked by Warner and David Foster to produce a mainstream radio mix for Josh Groban. Cecilia got a new singing teacher, Dr. William Riley, who is also the singing teacher for Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Faith Hill.

Cecilia's music has been used in TV series, documentaries, and videos in America and Asia, and on compilation albums worldwide. In 2003 a "Best of Cecilia" album was released in Greece, and her album "Let There Be Peace On Earth" was released in Korea. Universal Music Korea released the album "18 of the Most Beautiful Voices in the World" in 2004, and on this album you will find Cecilia’s song “The Eternal Heartbeat”. The CD also includes singers as Luciano Pavarotti, Josh Groban, Jose Carreras, Sarah Brightman and Russell Watson.

In 2006 Cecilia released "The Healing Voice" with mainly Latin lyrics. This soul-touching album was produced in New York by Art Labriola, and several of the songs were made by the German songwriter Daniela Angermann, but also contains powerful songs by great composers as Michael Hoppe and Ronan Hardiman. This was a very personal album for Cecilia, where she owns the master rights and was an executive producer.

In October of 2006 Cecilia went to Los Angeles, and she was invited to Dr. Wayne Dyer's event in San Francisco. Dr. Dyer asked her to come on stage to talk with him, and at the end he got her to sing "Amazing Grace" a cappella. The response was overwhelming, and Dr. Dyer asked Cecilia: “Would you mind recording 10 of what I think are the most spiritual and beautiful songs that I have ever heard?” He contacted Hay House, who loved the idea, and they wanted to distribute the CD in all English speaking countries.

The new CD "Amazing Grace" was finished early 2007, and was produced in Oslo, Norway by Nils Johansen. Also for this album Cecilia ownes the master rights and was an executive producer. Cecilia decided to move back to Los Angeles to promote the new album in the USA.