Cecilia CDs

the healing voice

Amazing Grace

On this CD you will enjoy Cecilia's bell-like voice to the fullest. With sparse instrumentation she sings many of the most loved spiritual songs, as Amazing Grace, Ave Maria, Prayer of St Francis, You Raise Me Up, Over the Rainbow and From a Distance.
Year: 2007

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the healing voice

The Healing Voice

Classical crossover CD where a deep-toned choir and sound textures provide a contrast to Cecilia’s angelic voice, creating a magical and ethereal atmosphere.
Year: 2006

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best of cecilia

Best of Cecilia

Compilation album with songs from Cecilia’s 3 first albums “Voice of the Feminine Spirit”, “Voice of Violet 19”, and “Inner Harmony”
Year: 2003

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let there be peace on earth

Let There Be Peace On Earth

Christmas album with many of the most know Christmas songs.
Year: 2001


inner harmony

Inner Harmony

This album moved towards adult contemporary.
Includes strong melodies for Cecilia’s classical
trained voice.
Year: 1999

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voice of violet 19

Voice of Violet 19

Collaboration between producer and composer
David Lord and lyricist Stuart Wilde.
Year: 1996/97

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voice of the feminine spirit

Voice of The Feminine Spirit

Huge success. Selling 200,000 copies.
Sold to gold in Australia. Includes her famous
rendition of “Amazing Grace”.
Year: 1994

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Other CDs

heart land

Heart Land

Cecilia was the lead soprano on this album by the renowned and award winning flutist and composer Tim Wheater.
Year: 1995


Compilation CDs


Voices - “18 of the Most Beautiful Voices in the World”

You will find Cecilia’s song “The Eternal Heartbeat” on this CD. Includes singers as Luciano Pavarotti, Josh Groban, Jose Carreras, Sarah Brightman and Russell Watson. This album was released by Universal Music Korea
Year: 2004