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Why is commitment, support and enthusiasm important?

I had a business meeting with my friend Kofi about future opportunities. He came with a lot of enthusiasm and had even socks with the Norwegian flag on, that blew me away! I had a big laugh, but also felt his effort, love, support, and deep commitment with that gesture.

How do you show support and enthusiasm that is so important? And why should we do that?

When dedication and interest are shown, it is really important to them and is part of their soul development, even if we don't always understand it. Our interest in their life and what they are doing will be heartfelt and they will feel our love and support and that is so important.

Helping someone achieving their goals can be one of the most rewarding things we do. When someone accomplishes a goal, they feel empowered and motivated to continue on their journey.

Sometimes we might not agree on what's going on, and it's OK to share our opinion, but at the same time be there for someone. Life is a journey where we not always do the "right" thing, but it is so important to be there to help and support.

Kofi is commited

Kofi's socks with Norwegian flag

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