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Cecilia’s two latest albums are Amazing Grace and The Healing Voice. Cecilia is reputed for her healing voice. Cecilia is also known for her rendition of Amazing Grace, released on both albums Amazing Grace and Voice of the Feminine Spirit. Cecilia sings worldwide with her crystal clear and healing sound. She comes from Norway, and this Norwegian singer was born in Trondheim and spent her childhood in Harstad, a town north of the Arctic Circle. Her break-through came with her first album Voice of the Feminine Spirit, selling more than 200,000 copies. You will find lyrics and songs on this website. Cecilia chose to include the lyrics of her latest album Amazing Grace only on this site, so you will not find them in the CD booklet. The most known albums are Voice of the Feminine Spirit, The Healing Voice and Amazing Grace. On the album Amazing Grace you will also find the heart-touching song Angel by Sarah McLachlan. On The Healing Voice you will find that most of the lyrics are in Latin. Even if her older albums include a booklet with lyrics, we have also included them on this website. For music and lyrics, please click on the album link, and enjoy healing singing with the healing sound. She released the CD Amazing Grace with the original instrumental track of Amazing Grace, which was recorded in 1994, but with a new vocal recording. This was done due to a special request to keep the track with the whale sounds. Favorites are the stunning performances of Ave Maria, Angel (Sarah McLachlan) and Prayer of St Francis (Make Me a Channel of Your Peace). The lyrics of Amazing Grace, which is often asked for, is slightly different between the recent and original recording, so we have included the lyrics for both versions. Children and animals are close to Cecilia’s heart, and she is happy to be able to help non-profit organizations in their work. She supports Plan International, and sponsors a child in Nepal. She lost her mother to cancer, and she wants to support the work to battle the disease. She was singing at the biggest ballroom in the US, Roseland in New York, for the benefit of the Linda McCartney cancer foundation. She has promoted her albums in Japan, and toured countries as England, Germany, Sweden, Finland and the USA, including Hawaii. She performed at the Universal Wisdom Foundation event with Al Di Meola at Miami arena in 1998, singing for 6,000 people, who gave an incredible response to her crystal clear and beautiful voice. Another big event was singing at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. Her crystal clear healing sound and healing voice is as mentioned reputed to have healing qualities, and you will find many soothing and healing songs on this website. One song that is much played in Asia is The Prayer from the album Inner Harmony. Please feel free to listen to cuts of her amazing crystal clear voice when she sings Ave Maria, Prayer of St Francis and Angel by Sarah McLachlan. I would suggest that you listen to her beautiful prayer from the album Inner Harmony, which reflects her feminine spirit. We hope this healing voice will bring healing songs to your heart. Recommended albums are Voice of the Feminine Spirit, The Healing Voice and Amazing Grace. Please feel welcome to recommend music lyrics and songs to your friends, and let them know about this website. Again, please let us know if you find music with no lyrics, which you would like to receive. Enjoy the music, and I hope the songs will uplift and move your soul, to give you peace and inspiration.

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